How to save money on your fuel bills

It’s all over the papers: gas and electricity prices are rising, and rising fast. Which makes now a great time to think about eating more raw food! Yes, when you eat raw food you save money on fuel used for cooking. And you get more nutrition out of the food, which helps with the rising food prices.

You might not think of winter as a time to start eating salads, but raw food isn’t just about salads. Using chilli and other spices you can make raw food that makes you feel warm inside. Also, raw food doesn’t mean cold food; food should be at room temperature (not straight out of the fridge), but you can warm food up gently. Soup is a good example of this, you can make a raw soup and warm it gently, using much less energy than if you were cooking it. You shouldn’t let your food get over about 40 degrees C, think about body temperature (37 deg) if you have trouble remembering.

Here’s a spicy chilli sauce recipe you can use to heat up any raw dish:

Grind up coriander seeds and cumin seeds. Add some fresh chillis, garlic, flax oil (or other oil), garam masala (or other spices) and blend (or grind, probably could do this in a pestle and mortar if you chop the chillis first, and save even more energy).

Positive Advertising

I saw an advert in Kentish Town tube station today, it went something like “Need Energy? Try fruit.” I couldn’t believe it! It was sponsored by Camden NHS (National Health Service). I’ll try and take a photo of it next time I’m over in that part of town…


Just found a great new website There are loads of route planning websites out there but they are all for driving, this is the first one that is specifically for walking routes. On the surface there might not seem like much is different, but try using a normal route planning site and end up taking a 3 mile detour when you could have just walked ‘the wrong way’ down a one way street! They also plan to add lots of off road walking routes which would be wonderful.

What are you searching for?

For all my websites I get detailed visitor statistics and one of the things I can see is what search terms people used to find this blog, some of which I found amusing:

recipes for brockley soup

That’s the users miss-spellings of broccoli, which just happens to be a place round the corner from where I live! So no broccoli soup recipes on this site yet, just some photos of the Brockley Nature Reserve!

chocolate bar made with magic mushrooms

Well that one definatly sounds interesting, I haven’t tried it yet, but maybe I should ;-)

what fruit contains the mineral zeolite

I thought I should answer this one. According to Wikipedia “Natural zeolites form where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater”, so as far as I know, you won’t find them in fruit.

And finally:

aligator riding

What connection this has with my blog, I really have no idea!!!

What’s in a name?

I was out on one of my walks around the area (looking for more places to find wild food!) when I came across a shop called “The Organically Minded Grocer”. I was mildly excited “will this be the closest organic shop to where I live?” was the question on my mind. Well, my excitement didn’t last long, as I looked through the fresh fruit and veg I didn’t find a single organic item! On further inspection I found some organic herbal tea and a tin of organic something or other, but nothing to satisfy this raw food eater.
I can just imagine the following conversation:

“Yeah, I’m organically minded too.”

“That’s great. Can you recomend somewhere local I can get some organic produce?”

“Ah, you misunderstand, I don’t actually eat organic, I just think about it.”


Ok, if you know me, you will know that I ignore the news – in general I don’t watch TV, read newspapers, listen to the radio, etc. This week I’ve been listening to the radio because Lifescape magazine is doing a thing where they have challenged a DJ (James O’Brian) on LBC radio to go vegetarian for two weeks. We sent in some raw goodies for him to try so I’ve been listening to see if he comments on them.

Anyway, this means that I’ve been exposed to the news for the last week and can’t help having a rant about a couple of things I head. Firstly, Gordon Brown’s pre-budget aniouncement – he’s suddenly become environmentaly aware and is going to give a “green” budget, one of the measures he is going to put in place is a tax on budget flights, (which I think is a great idea). But then a couple of days later, I hear that the government has approved plans for a new runway at Heathrow airport, which will allow up to 500 extra flights per day. Is it just me or do those two stories contradict each other massivly? If they are going to allow more flights, charging a “green tax” does not mean that they will pollute less! I’ve never believed that the government was working for our best interest anyway, and this obviously proves that they are lying all the time, but why does no-one seem to care?

Things to be done…

Coconut ButterWhen I find a new ingredient, I tend to use it a lot to start with, so last night I made the parsnip thing again. This time I didn’t use sweetcorn and I used more spiring onion. I also added a bit of ginger an dried thyme – I liked it even more than the first version.

Today I’m putting more coconut butter into jars for the Funky Raw shop. I’m going to do a Vipassana meditation course on Wednesday which is 10 days long – I’ll be away for 12 days in total, so it seems like I have a lot to get finished. Anyway, the coconut butter is delicious, it’s hand made in Thaliand, completely raw, organic, etc. I can’t stop eating it myself, there’ll be none left to sell! I like to open a date up, fill with cacao nibs then top with coconut butter, mmm, I might just go and make one now…