A few of my favourite things (in this cake recipe)

Chocolate FingersWas experimenting in the kitchen as usual and made a very moist cake. I didn’t weigh anything, but as it turned out so well, I will try and make it again sometime with proper measurements.

First I ground the above ingredients in my nut/seed mill, then I put into the food processor with the following:

I processed this for a while and then added about 40g of cacao butter, which I melted first (so it was liquid) and processed until the mixture formed a cake like consistency.

There was a bit of cacao butter left over so I decided to make some chocolate to go on top, I added cacao powder, carob powder, lucuma, mesquite and agave. (See this post if you’ve not made chocolate before and need more instructions.)

Put in the fridge for a while to set and then devour!

2 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things (in this cake recipe)

  1. yum, they look like chocolate eclairs….only yummier and chocolatier!! It’s fun not having a recipe, donchathink? You can’t really go wrong with such delicious ingredients! xxx

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