Me in Epping ForestMy name is Rob Hull and I currently live in Portugal. I eat a diet of almost 100% raw food – lots of fresh fruit, greens, veg, some nuts and seeds, raw dairy (cheese, cream, butter, kefir), lots of fermented foods and a small amount of fish or meat (once a week). I eat this way as I consider it the healthiest way of eating – it gives me lots of energy and keeps me happy, plus I love fruit so it is easy for me!

In general I’m not into supplements, I like to get my nutrition from whole foods, but I do take 5ml of fermented cod liver oil every day, particularly for the Vitamin A and D, EPA, DHA and other essential fatty acids.

I’m particularly into eating wild greens as I think wild food is the most nutritious food we can eat, I regularly post photos of wild food you might be able to find near you.

I run a company called Funky Raw which publishes a raw food magazine and has an online raw shop. We’ve so far published one recipe booklet and hopefully more books/booklets will follow.

I’ve been eating a mostly raw diet since 2002.