Street lights get turned of, see the stars again!

I can’t believe it, at last local government gets something right and people start complaining. The Council in Buckinghamshire has started turning off street lights at midnight in an attempt to save money and the environment. Have a look at the photos, in the second photo with the street lights off, you can see the stars! Most people have probably forgotten what stars look like…


I’m really enjoying reading the Anastasia series, I’ve just finished book 3, The Space of Love, which I think has been my favourite so far, with some really good information about how regular schools are not good for children, but Holly has just posted this from book 7, The Energy of Life which is so powerful I needed to share it with you:

‘The process of drawing people into such absurdities [the way life has become controlled by business] has been a long one. That’s not something you could do quickly. If you tried to do it quickly, even the most feeble-minded individual would be able to see the stupidity of what was happening.

Just think what a paradox it all is! One fine day you decide, as usual, to go to your apple tree and pick some fruit. You no sooner step off your front porch and start heading for the tree than you catch sight of a whole queue of people.

“Who are you?” you ask the fellow standing closest to you.

“I’m an apple dealer.” he answers.

“And who are those people behind you?” you continue to wonder, and hear in reply:

“Behind me is the person who trucks the apples to my store, behind him is the one who picks them from the tree, and around each one of us you see an entourage of people in fresh clean suits – they are the ones who record the quantity of apples that pass through our hands.

“But really, what are you, chaps? Don’t tell me you’re a bunck of schizos?” you blurt out in a fluster. “What’s with all the meaningless red tape? Who’s going to thank you for all this?”

And the reply comes:

“You will thank us – you will pay all of us money, and with that money we too shall buy apples”

“And where am I going to get all that money to pay you?”

“Go see you neighbour, the one with pear trees. There’s a job open for a record clerk You can become a pear tree record cleark, earn money, pay us and eat apples whenever you like.”

How absurd – you’re thinking, no doubt…Of course it’s absurd…But this is just the kind of thing that’s going on right now with each of us in our society.’

from ‘The Energy of Life’ by Vladimir Megre

What is government for?

I thought that government was supposed to be a representative of us, to do what us, the people, want. So the facts from an article from the Daily Telegraph (as posted on by Holly on Raw Cuisine) makes me say to everyone out there “Wake up! Look what is happening!”. According to the article, 95% of people are against GM crops. So what is the government doing? They are pressing ahead with commercial growing, with the first crops likely to be planted in 2009. Can anyone else see what is wrong here?