We’re back!

Raw onion, olive and basil breadSometimes I hate computers! As some of you may have noticed, rawrob.com has been down for almost a week. All the posts from the last 12 months and all the images are still missing – I’ll get that sorted as soon as possible.

While you’re waiting for me to get sorted, why not try some of the new flax crackers we’ve got in the Funky Raw shop: fire flax crackers, supergreen flax crackers, raw onion, olive and basil bread and onion and vegan cheese bread, all made with sprouted seeds.

2 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Its great to have found your blog/ site.

    I’m going to be in Europe for 6 weeks or more and London is one of my stops. I think your raw guide is going to be very helpful.

    Do you mind if I linked you to my blog?

    I have a blog that documents my attempts in reclaiming my life after cancer.


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