Things to be done…

Coconut ButterWhen I find a new ingredient, I tend to use it a lot to start with, so last night I made the parsnip thing again. This time I didn’t use sweetcorn and I used more spiring onion. I also added a bit of ginger an dried thyme – I liked it even more than the first version.

Today I’m putting more coconut butter into jars for the Funky Raw shop. I’m going to do a Vipassana meditation course on Wednesday which is 10 days long – I’ll be away for 12 days in total, so it seems like I have a lot to get finished. Anyway, the coconut butter is delicious, it’s hand made in Thaliand, completely raw, organic, etc. I can’t stop eating it myself, there’ll be none left to sell! I like to open a date up, fill with cacao nibs then top with coconut butter, mmm, I might just go and make one now…


Today I walked to Paignton.  It’s about 16km (10miles) and it was a beautiful walk.  Along country lanes, across fields, through woods, by streams and rivers.  In the last section just comming up to Paignton there is some aincient woodland and I found loads of wild garlic.  When I got home Holly made this into soup, which was delicious.


Hemp SeedsSo, I’ve always loved photography and often, while thinking of a job I’d really enjoy doing, I’d think “there must be a way to earn some money from my photography”. And you can’t say I haven’t tried, see, for example. So today I was surprised to relalise that I’d finaly done it, well nearly anyway. Today I was taking photos of hemp seeds for the online shop I run. Not the kind of photography I imagined, but it’s a start.