4 thoughts on “Daniel Vitalis talks about why he is no longer vegan

  1. As a nearly lifelong vegetarian who’s been working towards becoming completely vegan for the past year or so I find this fascinating too. I’ve never thought that humans are historically meant to be vegan, I tend to think it’s the conscious choice of a modern, compassionate human…so I think he is probably right when he says we do need some animal fat physiologically. The question is how much, how often and most importantly, where does it come from (ie-ethically raised, wild, etc)? I don’t think I could ever eat meat, but I hope the occasional dairy is enough to satisfy my body’s cholesterol requirements.
    Thanks for sharing! Glad I stumbled on this blog.

  2. Mango, I started watching that video, but couldn’t bear to watch it, I can’t stand Harley’s attitude, and don’t think his logic makes much sense either.
    I used to be a committed raw vegan, I’m now a committed raw omnivore.

  3. Raw omnivore sounds good to me. I’m just transitioning to raw at 58 after most of my life with health problems. I am underweight and do not have the ‘million dollars in the bank’ which Daniel Vitalis talks about, consequently need very carefully to assess my nutritional needs. I also have dry skin. I think it is right for me to continue my krill oil capsules.

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