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David Wolfe has put a new video on his website, it’s in four parts:
[Unfortunately these videos are no longer available.]

In the last part David talks about his top 5 herbs, which is very intersting to me because he is talking about herbs that Holly and me are getting into right now. David’s top 5 herbs are:

  1. Goji BerriesGoji Berries – he says they are ranked number one in China
  2. Hemp leaf – this is an amazing alkalising green powder
  3. Cacao – I think we all know about raw chocolte by now!
  4. Reishi mushrooms – prized medicinal mushrooms said to give long life and assist with healing
  5. He Shou Wu – I’d never heard of this until Holly introuced me to it, a very powerful root

Last week I had He Shou Wu for the first time. On Saturday (3rd) I had a very small amount and I didn’t notice any effect, so the next day I had a little bit more which again didn’t have any noticeable effect. Then on Monday I had a teaspoon full and later that day something I started feeling the effects. I wasn’t sure if it was the He Shou Wu or something else, as I had drank Ayahuasca on Sunday night and I had the Pulsin energy balls with guarana and ginseng which I don’t normally have. My heart rate seemed to increase and this lasted for several days and my sexual energy massivly increased.

I had some more He Shou Wu this morning, about half a teaspoon in my chocolate pudding (along with my daily small dose of ayahuasca, purple corn, and crystal manna). Again, nothing happened imediatly, but later I realised I was feeling unusually happy – I left the house to go to the post office in the pouring rain and I was smiling and skipping down the street! Right now my heart again feels like it’s beating faster than usual, I think that I might be particularly sensitive to this herb, or it’s having an interesting synergestic effect with the other herbs I am taking. I plan to take a smaller dose next time, to see whether I can find a dose which will give me the positive feeling without the slightly negative excess of energy.

I just found the page for He Shou Wu on PFAF – you can grow it in the UK…

5 thoughts on “David Wolfe on Superfoods

  1. GREAT podcast! Very helpful for me. And the links are helpful. I am going to have to be combing your site. It is great to know honestly how He Shou Wu affected someone…

  2. i stumbled on your site from the raw and live foods website today…i really like your site and was taken watching david wolfe on his product! it seemed though that there were identical videos not segmented. the first scene where he asks for the product/choc is the same in all versions. i didnt go beyond that on the successive videos. I did watch the first one in entirety..was great!!

    like what youre doing! awesome..keep the planet green

    peace and light,

    daria nefertiye
    eclectic-organic style & marketplace
    new site coming summer 2007
    funky-chic!spicy-sweet!organic-goodies & must-haves!

  3. Mmm, don’t know what happened there but all the links were pointing to the last video. I’ve fixed it now, so you can watch parts 1, 2 and 3.

    Thanks for letting me know.


  4. I am an aromatherapist and naturalist. I picked up a book in a charity shop for 60p and it changed my life. It was David Wolfes eating for beauty. David you are a genious and make it so simple to adapt it into everyday life

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