Mango Custard

Mmm, my favorite honey mangos are back in season, I usually like to eat them just as they are, but I did try a recipe and it was amazing:

  • 2 honey mangos
  • flesh of 2 young coconuts
  • squirt of agave nectar
  • 2 tablespoons mango powder
  • small amount of the young coconut water

Take the flesh of the mangos and blend with the young coconut flesh, and a little of the coconut water (the amount you use will depend on your blender, but you only need a little). Once it’s smooth, add a squirt of agave and the mango powder and blend a little to mix that in.

It does work fine without the agave and mango powder, the agave adds a little sweetness and the mango powder thickens it and gives it a stronger mango flavour.

I’m sure this mango custard has many uses, I’d suggest pouring it over a bowl of freshly chopped local strawberries would work well…

Enjoy, love Rob

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