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Funky Raw Issue 7 CoverI’m so excited! The new issue of Funky Raw is out and it’s got a full colour cover!!! I’ve wanted the magazine to have a colour cover since the beginning but it’s not been possible until now. I know it doesn’t change too much for the readers but it’s more about peoples perception of it. If people see it in a shop they are more likely to pick it up. Maybe more shops will be interested in selling it… if any of you know of any shops who might want to sell it, let me know.

The Food of Life festival was amazing. I met lots of people for the first time, people I’ve been in contact with by phone and email, including Shazzie and Karen Knowler.

Why Eat Raw Food?I still don’t know how many people came but I was told it was over 700, which is great for a first time event.

We made a free A5 flyer called “Why eat raw food?” to give out at the festival and it went down really well. It covered the resons for going raw, nutritional requirements (taken from the Funky Raw website) and a couple of recipes.

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