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As I mentioned in a previous post, a few weeks ago Holly opened Ocean Wave Vibrations, her new online shop. (Edit 13 Dec 2012: Holly has since changed her shop to Food For Consciousness, links throughout this article have been updated, and some products are no longer available.) She’s selling all kinds of things to help make us feel better, high vibrational foods, supliments and natural ‘highs’. Bertie and Lizzy are also making their own raw chocolates – Bertie’s Yummy Scrummies and Lizzy’s Baby Chocolate Balls!

Holly sent me some samples to try:
Ocean Wave products

The first thing I tried was the Ashwagandha, according to the website it’s “A perfect antidote for the stresses of modern life, it is a remedy for overwork, lack of sleep or nervous exhaustion, promoting deep, undisturbed sleep” and as I’ve been a bit stressed and lacking sleep due to getting the Funky Raw magazine finished it sounded like what I needed. I made it into a tea, the first thing I noticed was the smell which I really liked and then the taste, again, I liked it and it brought back memories of something from a long time ago which I can’t remember. It’s definalty very relaxing.

Tonight I tried the Lion’s Mane Mushroom powder, sprinkled on my salad, it added a delicious flavour.

I’ve also been adding a little Purple Corn to my chocolate pudding, it’s high in antioxidants and one of the few blue/purple foods in nature. I’m only using 1/8 of a teaspoon (that’s what the instructions say) so it doesn’t impart much of a flavour but I’m sure it’s good for me!

2 thoughts on “Ocean Wave Vibrations

  1. Dear Holly

    Please could you advise me if you have any of these products and if you do can you let me know of the price :

    Cedar nuts unshelled
    Cedar nut oil (250ml)
    Cedar nut oil with 20% resin
    Cedar nut flakes
    Cedar nut powder
    Cedar spoons

    I live in London and would like to arrange to buy these from you if you have them.

    with many thanks


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