Raw Chocolate Mulberries – in Portugal

I’m not doing a great job of keeping this blog updated with our travels! We’re in Portugal again, been here for about 3 months and quite possibly it is where we will decide to stay.

A couple of days ago I was in a health food shop in Lagos and saw Raw Chocolate covered mulberries and I just had to buy them!

Interestingly the ingredients were just white mulberries, cacao powder and cacao butter; no extra sweetener like there is in the choc mulberries we sell at Funky Raw – those have coconut palm sugar in them.

They were delicious, the only problem was that the chocolate melted fairly quickly as it is still hot here.

The company Iswari have a range of organic superfoods such as acai, wheatgrass, lucuma, goji berries, etc, which we have noticed in several health food shops around Portugal. It seems to be a Portuguese company and according to their website, they also operate in Spain, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

2 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate Mulberries – in Portugal

  1. I don’t blame you wanting to stay in Portugal, of all the countries I have lived in Portugal is my favourite and I am so jealous. My time there was in the mountains working with a riding school, what is better than being in the mountains riding a horse and finding your very own piece of paradise. Enjoy, when I am able to its where I want to spend my days 🙂

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