Raw Food in České Budějovice (Czech Republic)

I’m staying with a friend Martina in a little village in the Czech Republic, today she was busy so I spent the day by myself exploring the nearby city of České Budějovice.

Shelf of raw food products in Czech organic shopMartina told me about some organic shops and a vegan restaurant for me to check out – but I was surprised to find lots of raw food in one of the organic shops and a full raw food menu in the vegan restaurant!

In the first organic shop I went in, Slunecnice (which means Sunflower) on street Chelcičkého number 78/21 there were three shelves like the one to the right full of raw food products: crackers, nut butters, snack bars, raw chocolate bars, etc. Two of the shelves were dedicated to LifeFood products, which is a Czech raw food company I know about from my last visit the Czech Republic many years ago.

I bought myself a couple of Czech made raw snack bars and an Italian raw chocolate bar, here are my thoughts:


Italian raw chocolate barCacao Crudo by Loverdiana – Organic Raspberry flavour Raw Chocolate bar made in Italy

I was particularly attracted by the packaging for this bar! It was raspberry flavour which was really good and strong, slightly tart as expected which complements the chocolate well.

It was a large 50g bar and relatively  expensive so I expected something really special – it was very good and the chocolate was comparable to most raw chocolate bars, but not extra special like I was expecting (the packaging also made me expect something extra special!)

Other flavours were available, you can find out more on their website cacaocrudo.it

Open raspberry raw chocolate bar

Tyčinka Kakaová – Organic Raw Chocolate Snack Bar

Tyčinka kakaová - raw snack bar

A very simple snack bar containing only dates, sunflower seeds, almonds and raw cacao. It had a good fruity flavour with a light chocolate touch, and I could taste the sunflower seeds. Great texture, overall really good.

Made by Markol Food, but information only in Czech so probably not available elsewhere.

Chitta Raw Slim Relax raw snack bars

Chitta Raw Snack Bar - Jujube flavourAnother raw snack bar, this one with more depth of flavour, with a few more ingredients. There were three types available in the shop, “Energy”, “Sport Activity” and the one I got “Slim Relax”. I didn’t get it because I need to slim (I definitely don’t!) or was in the mood for relaxing, “energy” might have been more useful for my city tour, but it sounded like the best flavour with jujube, quite a rare fruit also known as Chinese date apple, something we grew back when I used to live at Ecoforest.

The ingredients were dates, hazelnuts, jujube, raisins, chia seeds, cocoa beans and carob and it was delicious. Great flavour and texture, quite sweet but not too sweet. Only thing is that it wasn’t organic unlike most of these kind of raw snacks.

Slunce – Vegan Restaurant with Raw Menu

Fridge of raw cakesThe surprise of the day was Slunce (meaning Sun), the vegan restaurant. I wasn’t particularly interested in going, but I happened to walk past it and notice the mention of raw food so I had a closer look. Once I saw the fridge full of cake and confirmed that they were all raw, there was no turning back! It was very hard to choose which one to try, but in the end I went for the blueberry “cheesecake” (raw vegan). And yes, it was delicious!

Raw Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake

I didn’t eat anything else but there was a full raw menu, only in Czech but it included nori wraps and lots of salads (the lady who was there spoke some English). They also sold a selection of organic dried nuts and seeds, plus delicious fresh dates. Maybe I will get to go with Martina who can translate the Czech for me!

Slunce is located at Krajinská 238/23 and they have a website here: restaurantslunce.cz

If you have any Czech raw food tips, feel free to comment below.

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