Raw Magic Cafe Opening Party

I went to Brighton yesterday for the opening party of Kate Wood’s new café “Raw Magic“. It’s in a great location in the Indoor Market on Ship Street.

Kate on the right

Many people turned up to celebrate including Shazzie and David Wolfe.

Shazzie eating her lunch!

As was to be expected, the food was delicious. First were a few finger foods, the nori rolls were amazing! Then the main course – spaghetti (made from courgette) and pasta sauce, “meat balls”, flax crackers and salad, all up to the usual high standard. Then David Wolfe gave a motivating talk on restoring paradise on earth. He put into words a lot of what I believe. A great quote he recited is “where the attention goes, the energy flows”, we need to keep focussed on the positive.

He talked about how the sea contains every mineral in existance and how to make use of that by watering our plants (particularly food such as wheatgrass) with sea water diluted with 10 parts rainwater or distilled water. He continued that plants that have all minerals available to them can deal with any pest or disease.

David Wolfe

Desert was tiramisu or apple pie, I had the tiramisu which was delicious but Jess let me taste her apple pie and that was also amazing.

The Menu

As we were leaving, Kate gave us all one of her new chocolate bars “Be The Change“. They’ve got crystal mana and etherium gold in them and we’ll be selling them very soon in the Funky Raw shop… (Edit: We have them in stock now… raw chocolate bars in the Funky Raw shop)

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