Raw Milk, Raw Cream and Raw Butter Delivered

In the UK, the law says that you can only buy raw milk direct from the farmer. Which makes buying raw dairy products quite difficult for most people. So I’m excited to tell you about the service from Hook and Son, I got my delivery today. They’ve been delivering raw milk for a while now, and they have just added the raw cream and raw butter to their service.

And even better, if you live in their local area (Eastbourne area) they will deliver in glass bottles, and collect the used ones for re-use, just like in the ‘olden days’!

For more information and to place your order see www.hookandson.co.uk

6 thoughts on “Raw Milk, Raw Cream and Raw Butter Delivered

  1. I tried some raw cow’s milk from Hook & Sons and liked it. I’ve been searching for raw goat’s milk for a while now though and found that through Holly Park Organics. I’d really recommend them as well as Hook & Sons.

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