Rolling Balls

Most people would call these energy balls but Bertie and Lizzy (Holly’s younger children) call them Rolling Balls and the name has stuck!
First I put the following in a coffee grinder and ground up:

(Sorry, again no quantities, but quite a few sesame seeds and less pumpkin and cacao.)
Then I put the ground mixture in to the food processor along with

  • 6 fesh dates
  • handful currents
  • handful walnuts
  • a few sunflower seeds

and blended until it formed a thick consistency.  Now roll the mixture into balls and eat.

One thought on “Rolling Balls

  1. Just made a batch of these with a few variations (because of what I had in the house): I substituted sunflower seeds for the cacao nibs, pecans for sunflower seeds and cashews for walnuts…I also added a squeeze of juice from a 1 inch piece of grated ginger. They turned out really well – great thing to have at band practices when the energy drops down low (so long as I can resist sharing them all out to the rest of the band and ending up with none left!…)

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