Sesame Chocolate

Sesame ChocolateI’ve been eating a lot of sesame seeds recently, my body must be in need of some nutrients found in them. So I tried making sesame chocolate and it worked really well (well I liked it and there’s none left now!) This chocolate is quite sweet, if you don’t like it too sweet then maybe use a little less of the sweetners (carob, lucuma or agave).

First I melted the cacao butter (see my previous raw chocolate making post for details) and slowly stired in the ingredients. I added the ground sesame last, not sure if this makes a difference but if added earlier it might make it harder for the other ingredients to mix in well. And that’s about it. I put it into the moulds (more on those soon) and into the fridge to set. It wasn’t as smooth as some of the previous chocolate I’ve made due to the sesame still being quite coarse. It would be interesting to try with tahini, not sure if it work or not.

(I’ll be making raw chocolate as part of my workshop in London on Jan 27th…)

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