Sleepless in… Penzanace

The research of Tony Wright has fascinated me since I first came across it and it has influenced my life in many ways. His basic idea is that the left half of the human brain is damaged but in control, while the right half has some amazing abilities which we are mostly unaware of because the left half of the brain doesn’t allow us. There are various techniques for accessing the right brain, notably things like meditation, but what Tony has found most powerful is sleep deprivation, which is what has led him to his next experiment, to try and stay awake for 11 days (and by doing so break the current world record). This experiment starts in 2 days on Monday May 14th and if you live near Penzance, Cornwall (England) you can go and visit Tony and see how he’s doing. See the website for more info.

The other exciting development is at last the publishing of Tony’s book Left In The Dark. I can’t recommend this book enough. Go and buy it now and don’t put it down until you have read it all the way through (ok, you can have a break to have a nice raw snack and go to the loo;-).

3 thoughts on “Sleepless in… Penzanace

  1. ooooh, thank you, Rob!
    I have always been fascinated by the left brain/right brain thing…I am a teacher so It comes with the territory!
    My experience with sleep deprivation has always been one of improved mood, energy, and ability to think clearly/shift gears rapidly and fluently…also I need much less food:)

    So, what on earth have you done with Holly’s blog link?! I always would visit from here…now I am lost.

    have a happy;)

  2. Carla, I’d think you would find Tony’s book fascinating, that’s the same conclusion he comes to about sleep deprivation and he has theories why this happens.

    Holly’s link is still there, just renamed and categorized – “Raw Cuisine” undre “Raw Blogs”.


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