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If you don’t already know, I publish a quarterly magazine, the main topic of which is raw food and healthy eating, but it also covers many other topics including environmentally friendly living, permaculture and growing food, spirituality, living consciously and more. It is a grassroots magazine, mostly written not by journalists but by people writing from their own experiences.

If you want to see for yourself what it is like we now have two back issues available as free ebooks (PDF files), follow the links to download your copy: Issue 10 (Spring 2007) and Issue 18 (Winter 2010/11). If you prefer printed copies, we have two selections of back issues available at a discount: Issues 14 to 18 and Issues 4,5,6,11 & 13. The current magazine is Issue 19 Spring 2011 which can be purchased as a printed magazine or an ebook. Why not subscribe and get each issue delivered direct to your door.

There are several ways I want to take the magazine forwards which I want to talk about more below.

Writing for the magazine

I’m always open for new writers, whether for a single article or to be a regular writer. You can write on raw food or any related conscious living subject, the main rule is to keep it positive – the news media is full of negativity so at Funky Raw we try and look to how to move forward positively. There is a list of article ideas on this page, but if you have your own ideas please also get in touch.

As well as feature articles, there is also space for news, raw recipes, reviews (books, films, restaurants, etc), cartoons, poetry, etc. There is no set length for articles, short articles can work just as well as long articles.

Every cover features artwork, while I have artists lined up for the next couple of issues, please feel free to contact me if you would like to offer your artwork.


In the UK and Ireland we are distributed by Ink Distribution. If you want to get your local health food shop to stock the Funky Raw magazine, tell them to order it through Ink Distribution. Otherwise, wholesale copies of the magazine can be ordered direct through our online shop or by contacting me directly on

It would be great to get the magazine distributed in the USA and Canada, if you have any ideas on this please get in touch.

Spreading the word

If you have a blog or website and would like to write a review of the magazine, email me at and I will send you a free copy. If you have any other ideas on how to promote the magazine, please leave a comment or email me.


Here’s what some people have said about the magazine:

I have so many books on nutrition at all levels, watch YouTube discussions on raw eating, David Wolfe, etc, but none of them compare to your magazine!! I have ordered some back issues and re-read them over and over, even going to take them on holiday with me next month. Why? because I find that the articles you print are varied, motivating and informative and better than any book because there is always another to look forward to. Please don’t ever change how you present this magazine, it out rivals its high gloss contenders in its simplicity (in the best kind of way) it is perfect. I see your magazine as the bridge for me to reach my goal of becoming a Raw Food Eater!!!! It is the inspiration I need. – Deana, Essex

Just to say I loved your magazine. I ready it cover to cover. It was refereshing to read media that is ‘real’ like from person to person sharing stories and wisdom rather than the usual. I really liked the cover artwork too. – Fiona

Remember, you can download a free PDF version of these two issues, just click the cover images below:

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