Update and Festival Photos

AnastasiaIt’s been a while since I last posted, I’ve been at the Funky Raw festival and then Festival of Life. Back to my reasonably normal life now so maybe a few more posts! One of the things I love about my job is that I only sell products that I really value myself and want other people to share, so I am really excited that I am now selling Tony Wright’s book Left in the Dark and the Anastasia series by Vladimir Megre. Both are massively important in different ways (follow the links to read more about both). Tony’s book explains from a scientific view what is happening with our brains and Anastasia gives us inspiration for living in harmony with nature.

Here are a few photos from the festival, I’ll put a full album on the Funky Raw site soon, if you have any photos you want me to include, please send them over.

Face painting at Funky Raw
Beautiful face painting by Mary

Oriental Food Preparation Demo
Chan Yu’s Oriental Food Prep demo (assistedby Carme)

Music by fire
Music from Harmony by the fire

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