Wild Food and Urban Foraging Calendar Review

I just received this calendar from Theresa Webb (Kitchen Buddy) and my first thought was “why didn’t I think of doing this!” It’s a wonderful idea, each month has it’s own selection of photos related to what you might be able to find. It’s not a wild food identification guide, just something to give you some inspiration for the month, with photos of wild leaves and flowers plus also dishes made with these plants.

Just a quick flick through and I’ve already learnt something new – fuchsia flowers are edible! This fascinated me so I did a quick bit of research and found that fuchsia berries are also edible. I found this blog post which says “The flowers and fruit of all fuchsia species are edible raw but flavours may vary considerably” and that the species Fuchsia splendens has the best fruits.

The month sections includes UK bank holidays, but unfortunately not moon phases (although these can easily be added by hand!) It is slightly larger than A5 when folded, and slightly larger than A4 when open.

The calendar costs £8.50 and is available direct from Kitchen Buddy.


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