Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate Milkshake (with Coconut 'Milk')Mmm, I just made the most delicious ‘milkshake’ ever. The ingredients were:

First I chopped the coconut meat up and put it into the blender with the soak water from the dates and more water to cover the coconut. I blended this up and then squeezed through a sprout bag to get a nice ‘milk’.

I then put this ‘milk’ back into the blender with the dates and cacao powder and whizzed it up. The lucuma was an unplanned addition, it wasn’t quite sweet enough so I added the lucuma which was perfect. Another option would be to add one more date, and something I’m going to try soon, no dates and more lucuma.

I made this last night with 4 tablespoons of cacao nibs instead of cacao powder. I put the nibs in the blender before the ‘milk’ and ground them up first, which resulted in an intensely delicious chocolate flavour, but it was very ‘bitty’ as the ground nibs were not fine enough to disolve into the ‘milk’.

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