Chocolate you can eat before going to bed!

I’ve not been so creative in the kitchen for a long while. I got home tonight from Five Rhythm dancing and needed a snack, but as I need to be up reasonably early tommorow, I didn’t want to make chocolate. So I made something with cacao butter but no cacao powder.

I think you know the method by now! Melt the cacao butter and add the rest of the ingredients, stiring all the time. Ashwagandha is a calming, relaxing herb – I want to go to sleep soon, my sleep/wake cycle is often a bit random, last night I stayed up till 5am and then took some ayahuasca and I didn’t get up until late, but I want to return to ‘normal’ for tommorow.

On a completly unrelated note, my new favorite music which I’m listening to constantly is Maniko, you can listen to two minute clips from that link, the first track is my favorite, but they are all beautiful.

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