This afternoon I had a very strong craving for durian and in the end I decided to go and get one. I made a special trip in to Chinatown and went to all three shops I know sell durian, but not today. There was no durian to be found. Not even the pieces in packets that they sometimes have. So I got some mangosteen instead:


They’re good, you eat the white fleshy bits in the middle, hard to describe really, a little bit of citrus flavour, but not as good as durian! Also, there is not much too them, they are about the size of a small apple but most of the fruit is the unedible red bit around the white cente.

I added a new section to this site, FAQ, in the top menu. I’ve just answered two common questions for now “Where do you get your protein?” and “What is your daily diet?”. I’ll add more as people ask…

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