5 thoughts on “David Wolfe on eating Ants

  1. Ants are viable, independent, life-force entities unto themselves. I feel their personal sovereignty should be acknowledged and respected by Wolfe, just as is the case for humans, cows and other many other creatures.

    As B12 is the product of microbial activity I feel that David should obtain his, in the absence of suitable dirt, etcetera, from that produced through in vitro fermentation. David Wolfe is in the perfect position to manufacture his own raw B12, and sell it as a supplement (without fillers, etcetera).

    In my eyes, David Wolfe really lets himself down where ants and bees are concerned. We need nothing from these creatures, and I feel that we should treat them with decency.

  2. What separates ants from bacteria or plants or cows? It’s all just waves of energy. Even plants show signs of feeling pain when harmed. It’s the ingrained “golden rule” complex that causes us to want to avoid harming things that look or act like ourselves… this could also be called compassion. For Wolfe, ants are easier for him to eat because they are very small, don’t cry (that we can hear anyway), and have fewer human-like features than many other critters. What is right and wrong is often a subjective matter, especially when ethics and human nutrition collide.

  3. Well every time you breath you kill a few gazillion bugs. So do the worla favour folks and please syop breathing. Or at least pull your head out yer arse.

  4. I was thinking mealworms might be better. Easy to raise, so you wouldn’t have to buy them anywhere. I’m going to start raising them for this purpose soon. Can just toss a few into the blender with a green smoothie. Probably wouldn’t change the taste much.

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