Edible Wild Flowers – Colour and nutrition for your salad

Spring is here, brining with it lots of wild flowers, many of which are edible. Here is a selection I found yesterday. Click on an image to enlarge.

Hawthorn flowers are a good flower to start with, they don’t have a strong flavour. White dead nettles are another easy flower, not too strong and can be quite sweet. They are not related to stinging nettles so they won’t sting you!

Dandelion flowers can be a bit bitter and can take a bit of getting used to, but I like them now. Wild garlic (ramsons) flowers have a delicious sweet garlicky flavour while Jack by the hedge flowers have a stronger flavour – garlic and mustard with a little bitterness.

As always, take care when picking wild food and make sure you are certain about what you are eating.

3 thoughts on “Edible Wild Flowers – Colour and nutrition for your salad

  1. I wanted to find a sure way to suvive in the wild, or as I may wonder from farm to farm in Idaho and Oregon on foot I think it would be easy to do so if I know how to eat wild weeds and flowers, The roots to boil, and the barries to pick. And if there is some out of the ordinary Nut to Chew, and the grain to grind, or sprout. well Thanks for your web-cite

  2. Hi my name is Dan I live in Edmonton Alberta and just was wondering what kind of flowers would be good to eat from here I
    want to try to make an all wild flower salad but never done this before and willing to try something different but just don’t know what flowers are good to eat here So I just want some suggestions thanks Dan

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