What’s the difference between High Quality Food and Organic Food?

I hear from a lot of people thinking they are doing a good thing by buying organic fruits and vegetables from the supermarket. My experience of supermarket fruit and veg is that it is of very poor quality, even the so called organic. The problem is that of course the supermarket is trying to make as much profit as possible, so they buy the cheapest possible food they can, to sell to the public at the highest profit they can. Which means that it is grown on a massive industrial scale (including the organic), shipped from a long way away, fruit is picked too early, and the flavour and nutrition are low.

Try and find a local farmers market to buy food from and you will instantly know the difference. Even if the food on the farmers market is not certified organic, you can talk to the farmer personally and find out how they grow the food. You will probably find that it is fresher, fruit is riper and it all tastes a lot better – I think you notice the difference in flavour even more when you eat it raw. And it can even be cheaper than the supermarket, as there is no middle man taking a (large) slice of the profit.

To find your local farmers market in the UK, see www.farma.org.uk, or www.lfm.org.uk and www.weareccfm.com for London.

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  1. great article been trying to convince people for years to avoid supemarket quality! farm shops/farmers markets are best if you can’t grow your own

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