Is the mainstream waking up???

I was shocked to read a headline yesterday in “Metro” the free newspaper:

Magic mushrooms ‘can be beneficial’

To quote some of the article

“Some volunteers who took the drug reported profound mystical experiences that were as meaningful or spiritually significant as the birth of a child or the death of a parent.”

“Even two months after taking the drug, most said the experience had changed them in beneficial ways, such as making them more loving, compassionate, optimistic and patient.”

As someone who likes to experiment with this kind of thing (currently doing long term experiments with ayahuasca), I would agree, and I’m pleased stuff like this is getting reported in the mainstream press.  It’s especially ironic coming not long after mushrooms have been made illegal.  You can just hear the politicians now “Look, it says magic mushrooms can make people more loving, compassionate, optimistic and patient.  Quick, lets make them illegal.”  What a strange world we live in!

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