Raw Chocolate Ice-Cream Recipe

I moved house last week, and this new place has a freezer, so I can make ice-cream. I’ve been wanting to start experimenting with raw ice-cream for a while… Here’s my first attempt at chocolate ice-cream, as always, all quantities are very approximate:

Hemp Milk

  • 150g hemp seeds, soaked
  • soak water from figs (see below)
  • water from young coconut

The rest

First make hemp milk: drain and rinse the hemp seeds, then blend with the fig soak water and some young coconut water. Try not to use too much liquid, but this will depend on your blender. Squeeze through a nut milk bag (or muslin bag / cheesecloth) to make the milk.

Then put the rest of the ingredients into your blender along with the hemp milk and blend until smooth. Place in a container and freeze. With my freezer, it was ready after about 8 hours.

I’m sure there are many variations – if you find something that works well, leave a comment and let everyone know…

Enjoy, love Rob

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