Real Raw Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Chocolate Mousse photo by www.WorthTheWhisk.comThe other day we had a meal in a non-raw restaurant. Not something we do very often, but especially while travelling where there are no raw places to eat it can be fun. Interestingly, it was the decision to stop trying to be 100% strict about my diet which enabled me to stick to eating raw more than when I was trying to be strict. Counter-intuitive, but life is so much easier when there are no rules! Anyway, back to the restaurant. We shared a chocolate mousse for dessert and it was so good that when I got home I decided to look up how to make chocolate mousse to try and make a raw version.

Surprisingly, most recipes didn’t need much tweaking to make them 100% raw – they already contain raw eggs, just substitute raw chocolate for the cooked chocolate (and use raw butter and/or raw cream in the recipes that call for these ingredients.) This is the page I found on the Guardian website with a good selection of chocolate mousse recipes and useful comments.

So yesterday I tried the first recipe from that site, the classic French recipe from the book French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David and it worked really well.

First I made raw chocolate using the following, quantities approximate:

I grated the cacao butter and paste, added the butter and melted over a bowl of hot water (bain marie style). When fully melted I slowly stirred in all the other ingredients. This made too much chocolate, so I took 90g of the still melted chocolate for the mousse, and put the rest in moulds.

I then followed the recipe from the Guardian website above, using 30g of chocolate and 1 egg per portion. So I mixed 3 egg yolks into the melted chocolate (although of course I didn’t have the water simmering, I just kept it warm to keep the chocolate melted). Then I beat the 3 egg whites until they were relatively stiff (they use the term “soft peaks”) and gently folded this in to the chocolate and egg yolk mixture. Put in the fridge to set and you have a delicious raw chocolate mousse!

I’m sure it would work with other raw chocolate recipes, or even a purchased raw chocolate bar that you melt back down. Let me know in the comments below if you try this or any of the other recipes on that web page…

8 thoughts on “Real Raw Chocolate Mousse Recipe

  1. celebrating how you have ascended the walls of minds conceptual labels! My mind used to love labels, isms, and having an ‘identity’ – Now I feel and sense and intuit beyond the intrusion of mind and life is such much more twirly and whirly.. discipline become choice 🙂 and choice is usually the best ever 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks! And for me, one of the best teachers is to eat unhealthy food, and then the next day I feel it in my body, and deeply know that I shouldn’t have eaten something, rather than just having a rule to follow.

  2. hear you. yes yes. WE ARE LIVING in the best book we could ever read about what to eat, when to eat and when not to eat. Having said that – initially there is a power in will/discipline to purely tame mind and have it working FOR us rather than as a terrorist in the body in which we live. So there is a time for the willfull/rules and formal discplines. And I am NOT saying I have transended all that – giggle – but I do feel that as we plug more into wisdom and intuit (inside tuition) we can trust the body in which we live more fully and it does talk to us 🙂 blessings and joy xxx

  3. Holy bananas! This looks amazing. I have usually made mousse with avocado however this looks unbelievable! I want to thank you for all of your helpful and priceless experience. I am now adding some raw dairy into my diet too. Thank you again!

  4. Hello, I am very interested in raw food and thanks to your site I think I’ve just found the solution to my unhealthy eating.
    I would like to know how many juices you drink every day and exactly what are their ingredients.
    I appreciate your help and thank you very much!

    • I don’t drink much juice. I make blended drinks more, using wild greens and maybe a bit of apple.

      If you are going to drink juices, stick to greens and vegetables as much as possible, I don’t recommend fruit juice (although a little bit of fruit in with lots of veg might be ok).

      If you want to know what I eat, I’ve written about my diet here, it was a couple of years ago but is still roughly correct:

      • Hi!
        Thanks for reply!!
        My doubt was about of IG of the fruit’s juice 😛
        It’s an interessant diet, i will try it 🙂
        Thank you very much!

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