Raw food out there

I was in Bumblebee (my favourite health food shop) yesterday and I overhead a bloke explaining to the cashier how raw goats milk was better than pasteurised cow’s milk. Then 5 minutes later in a different part of the shop I saw some raw food snacks for sale – Goji Bursts and Energy Bombs by Pulsin. I picked one up to have a look and the assistant mentioned to me that she had heard that they were very sweet and pointed out more raw food bars (from the USA), but I prefered the look of the handmade local ones:

pulsin-energy-bomb.jpg energy-bomb-label.gif

So I bought the Energy Bombs which contain guarana and ginseng. I had one straight away and it was delicious and I definatly got an energy surge from it, but I had the other today and while it still tasted great I didn’t notice any extra energy. I’ll have to try the goji ones next. I guess we’re begining to see what it is like in the USA where, I understand, you can get ready made raw food items in most health food shops.

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