Quick and easy pudding #247

It’s the old favourite in one of it’s infinate variations – banana and sesame:

Banana and Sesame Pudding

I ground up maybe 80g of sesame seeds with 1 tablespoon of cacao nibs and a bit of vanilla pod. I mashed this up with a banana and and a teaspoon of mesquite and a teaspoon of hemp leaf green superfood.

The basics of the recipe are the ground sesame seeds (or tahini) and the banana. Any number of other things can be added, I often use spirulina but I fancied a changed today. If I want something really sweet I’ll mix in a bit of agave or carob powder.

2 thoughts on “Quick and easy pudding #247

  1. hey –
    I often make something like this –
    today I had this
    blended up :
    2 bananas, tahini, carob powder, splash water… then if you want you can add some green powder, and some maca – very nice!
    I agree… tahini and banana, there’s a lot you can do from this : )

    do you find Agave or mesquite to be tasty n good? should I splash out on them?

  2. Hey Azura Skye

    Thanks for your recipe.

    I find Agave particularly good in chocolate making, it is very sweet like golden syrup or something but I don’t find I use it very often.

    I’ve only just discovered mesquite and I love it! The flavour is great but I also feel it is providing me with some kind of nutrition I am missing, I sometimes eat spoonfulls of it on it’s own. Using it in chocolate will be my next experiment… I’m going to order some in to sell in the shop.


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