Spicy sauce recipe

I made this for my dinner last night and it was delicious so I thought I’d share. The tomatoes I used are a rare type, called “Black Cherry” they’re well worth trying if you spot them, they are less acidic and slightly sweeter than regular cherry tomatoes.

  • 1/2 sweet yellow pepper
  • 2 “black cherry” cherry tomatoes
  • a small piece of courgette
  • 3 sun dried tomato halves (soaked for 10 minutes)
  • about 5cm of the green leaf part of a leek
  • a small piece of fresh ginger
  • a small piece of a fresh hot Thai chilli
  • a good handful of fresh basil

This all went into the blender. I served it on a load of wild greens, with an avocado and a bit of unpasteurised goats cheese.

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