I find it interesting how my diet changes over time, sometimes I eat mushrooms regularly then in a different period of my life, I’ll not eat them for months.

Well, the same thing happeded with sprouts.  I stopped eating them because they seemed to give me indigestion.  I’m sure a lot of them still do, especially chick-peas, but recently I’ve started eating fenugreek sprouts and sunflower sprouts.  They’re both easy to sprout, I soak them over night and then rince two to three times a day.  After only a couple of days they’re ready to eat.

I’ve also been experimenting with hemp seeds.  I’ve been planting them in soil in pots on my windowsil and letting them grow for about a week and then eating the whole plant, much the same as you can do with sunflower seeds.  The seeds are good for us, the leaves are good for us so I’m assuming that grown in this way they are also good for us!

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