The Man Who Drank the Universe

I just went to a screening of a film about Ayahuasca, called The Man Who Drank the Universe.  It followed the story of Alistair Appleton the first time he drank ayahuasca at a ‘seminar’ in Brazil.  I really enjoyed it, he managed to get across a lot of the experience, which is difficult for something like ayahuasca.  He talked to some of the other participants, some who were trying to heal themselves of serious health problems.  Somehow it managed to be a light hearted film whilst covering a deep subject in a respectful way.

Acording to Alistair’s website, the film will be available to purchase on DVD soon through the website.  If you have never experienced Ayahuasca, it’s a good introduction.

2 thoughts on “The Man Who Drank the Universe

  1. Thanks so much Alistair for sharing that file. Truly mind boggling it sounds like. I had a friend go to peru on a hiking expidition and he wound up on the floor of a cottage after drinking mescaline… he described it almost like you did, but what he said was “It was like I said to my self ‘cut the bullshit’ and I just stopped lying to myself about anything, and could see my life clearly” —that sounded like what you said about it all being internal… the plant gets you to unlock the problems in your head… quit bullshiting yourself, quit lying to yourself.

    Drew from Canada

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