Vikings and Raw Chocolate on TV!

Linus of The Raw Chocolate Company is trying to take raw chocolate “mainstream”! Here he is on Dragon’s Den on Sunday night. He is asking for investment so he can get his raw chocolate bars into more shops and supermarkets. (Personally I’m trying to stop people shopping in supermarkets and get them to the independent shops and farmers markets, but maybe having top quality organic raw chocolate in supermarkets will help wake people up.)

Linus starts 45mins in to the program, this clip should start at the right place but might take a little longer to start once you press play:

The last clip of Linus makes me think that maybe the name “The Raw Chocolate Company” is a bit too obvious and he should have called it “Viking Chocolate”…

Over at Funky Raw we stock a range of raw chocolate from The Raw Chocolate Company including my favourite, raw chocolate coated goji berries

Raw chocolate goji berriesraw-chocolate-mulberries

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