Young coconut and hemp milk

So, I’ve recently being getting into young coconuts, they’re available in some local shops now and I worked out how to get into them! Today I made my morning hemp milk with young coconut water instead of water and it was delicious. This is what went in:

  • 100g hemp seeds, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed
  • soak water from dried goji berries, currants, bilberries and a fig
  • 1/2 an orange
  • young coconut water

Blend and strain (through a muslin bag or sprout/hemp milk bag). Simple as that and delicious. I then used this hemp milk to make chocolate pudding, I know I’ve given this recipe before, but it changes all the time so here’s my current version:

Put everything into the blender along with the hemp milk and blend until smooth! There is no correct way to make chocolate pudding, just experiment and see what you like. I make it different every day!

12 thoughts on “Young coconut and hemp milk

  1. Thanks, you inspired me to buy a young coconut yesterday when i saw one, which i had this morning for breakfast as a smoothie with some raw cacao, and avocado & some agave syrup. I’ve wanted to buy one for ages but i’m not really adventurous so have always put it off, the clip about how to open one really helped me try something new…& i also ate a couple of lime flowers yesterday in hyde park, which i enjoyed doing, & will do more of. You’ve been an inspiration!! Bless you.

  2. How much water to hemp seeds do you use when blending it all up?

    You can make your hemp milk as thick or thin as you like. You need to at least enough water to cover the seeds and to allow your blender to do it’s job. I probably use about 1 and a half times the volume of seeds.

  3. Hi Rob….i notice you live in thailand…me too (koh pangan)…i’m trying to get hold of some hemp seeds 100kgplus…any ideas?..also thinking of growing here if its legal,am able to finnance this if i can find partners….blessings… oz

  4. p.s. are you related to “free rob cannabis” he’s a friend of mine from glastonbury…google his name , he’s quite a charecter…

  5. Hi Oz

    No, I live in London! We have a good selection of Chinese and Vietnamese shops here selling young coconuts, durian, jackfruit, etc so I can pretend I live in Thailand.

    I’m not related to Free Rob but I do know him!

    Good luck on the search for hemp seeds, I will ask a friend who does live in Thailand if he can help.

    cheers, Rob

  6. Hello,

    For anyone looking for Thai Young Coconuts online (and durian for that matter) we sell them on our website and on amazon. They are top quality and we have them all year round – take a look at Thai Food Shop !!

    Best Wishes

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