How to Protect Yourself from Radiation

David Wolfe has done an excellent podcast on how to protect yourself from radioactive fallout – I recommend you listen to it now: David Wolfe on Radiation. Here’s a quick summary of what he recommend to take, many of which we sell on the Funky Raw website, so I’ve linked these items:

  • Kelp – for iodine (all seaweeds are good, but kelp has the most bio-available iodine).
  • Ginseng
  • Ashwaganda
  • Chlorella (for the chlorophyll, chlorella is the food highest in¬†chlorophyll, 40 times higher than wheatgrass)
  • Zeolite (for detoxing)
  • Fulvic acid
  • Sea salt and salty miso
He also says that the following are useful:

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