When is a raw food bar not a raw food bar?

When it’s Nakd!


I was pre-warned that these so called “raw” bars were not actually raw by Shazzie but I saw one in a shop today and decided to try one. They advertise them as being “raw” but what they actually mean is that they are not cooked, but not all the ingredients are raw to begin with (specifically the oats and chocolate are not raw, maybe something else I can’t remeber). I had the chocolate one, I could tell the chocolate was cooked, it tasted fine but nothing special. (I’m sure they are much healthier than most (non raw) bars you can buy in a health shop.)

But none of that matters anymore because:


I got a durian! Whenever I buy durian (from a Chineese shop), the shop assistant is always amazed that an English person likes it. Today, the shop assistant went through all the durians and shook them to find one which was ripe for me, although I don’t actually think it’s ripe yet, I like to wait until it starts to open by itself… hopefully tommorow…

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  1. Durian is a tropical fruit, often grown in Thailand. Describing it’s taste is very difficult, it tastes different every time and every mouthful tastes different. It feels very cleansing. If you live near a city which has a Chinatown then you might find them in the grocery stores there

  2. Oh gee, I reckon theres no hope of finding one in northern ireland then. Do you know if new coconuts are availble anywhere in the UK or only in hot countries?

  3. Hi Rob, is it durian season then? IS there a durian season?!

    I haven’t tried one yet, do you know the name of the shop you got yours from (or the road?)

  4. Hey Catherine

    I don’t really understand the durian season, there does seem to be times when more of them are around, but I think in the tropics stuff just grows all year round!

    The shop where the assistant is always helpful and chooses a ripe one for me is called See Woo and it’s at 18-20 Lisle Street. There are two other shops on Gerrard Street that somestimes have Durian, they ar eboth obvious as they have loads of fruit and veg outside. (All three shops are in China Town).


  5. im in desperate need of a raw food bar thats not primarily made of nuts. ive heard of REBAR but they only sell it in america. im a police officer and so need something, quick anr raw on the go. The high fat (all nut) bars make me feel tired. need something with more greens ect…help, any suggestions

  6. Mandy, maybe the Yaoh bars would work better for you, they are based on hemp seeds, although they do have some nuts.

    But maybe dried fruit is what you need. Figs, apricots, dates, goji berries, currants. Easy to carry with lots of energy.


  7. yes maybe Yaoh bars are the way forward. ive tried making buckwheat muesli by soaking it over night,rinsing well and addes dried fruit.but my stomach still doesnt like it
    what else is a good for brekkie that will last me for a while?

  8. We have a durian planation in the Philippines. They describe it as:
    “Smells like hell, but tastes like heaven.”

    Enjoyed the comments.

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