What is government for?

I thought that government was supposed to be a representative of us, to do what us, the people, want. So the facts from an article from the Daily Telegraph (as posted on by Holly on Raw Cuisine) makes me say to everyone out there “Wake up! Look what is happening!”. According to the article, 95% of people are against GM crops. So what is the government doing? They are pressing ahead with commercial growing, with the first crops likely to be planted in 2009. Can anyone else see what is wrong here?

2 thoughts on “What is government for?

  1. I do see what they are doing and I agree with you whole heartedly. I have been reading and studying these subjects for years, along with signing every petition that comes my way in regards to these issues. My frustration is, how do we finally make them stop? More importantly, can we make them stop??


  2. It’s called corporate fascism, and it’s rampant. Globalization and the WTO are only fueling it exponentially. If you think the GM problem is bad, wait till Codex Alimentarius is adopted in all of the western countries. Sadly, most raw foodists don’t seem to want to look too deeply into these issues.

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