Why Walking Barefoot is Important

I just watched this fascinating video from David Wolfe about grounding and why it is important. He shows live blood analysis with people before and after grounding. This reminds me of the time when I walked barefoot loads and felt that while barefoot my eyesight was improving. Now I’m sure David Wolfe wants to sell you all sorts of gadgets to help ground yourself, but of course you can do it for free – walk barefoot whenever you can.

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This video is part of the Longevity Now conference and there are another eight sample videos which you can watch for free here.

One thought on “Why Walking Barefoot is Important

  1. thanks Rob – I liked you post where it says David’s probably trying to sell his gadgets but you can do it for free! its so true 🙂 is always good to keep the perspective clear! Happy New year to you and your family from London!! x

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